Friday, August 22, 2008

Winter seedlings

Today's sunflower. I'll check tomorrow between 10 - noon to see if there are any honey bees interested in this sunflower.

The far right raspberry is really starting to get red now. I didn't realize how many raspberries you can get off of one plant. I hope next year I get an even better crop. The second plant has not started to bloom. I don't think I will get any berries from it this year.

The first row are broccoli plants from seeds I collected from last year's plants.

The carrots are in the second and third row of this flat. I will carefully transplant them into the ground this weekend. I would have never planted carrots in a flat, but I took a class at Common Ground in Palo Alto, and they had success starting them in flats and transplanting them into the garden.

The back rows are broccoli seedlings from seeds that the front row were originally grown from. I want to see how the second generation does compared to the first. Click on the images to see a larger version. The detail is worth the extra click.

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