Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cultured Butter Making

I started making this butter on Thursday. I didn't get a photo of the first step, which is putting heavy cream in a bowl and letting it ferment at 60 degrees for hours. I added some raw whole milk to help with the fermentation.

Today I put the cream in a sterile mason jar and shook for about 8-10 minutes. The above picture was the result.

After pouring off the buttermilk, which I saved, the butter goes into a bowl. I'm going to make some buttermilk pancakes with the real buttermilk.

Now all the buttermilk needs to be washed out of the butter. It took several washing to have the water run clear.

All done. The butter is room temperature, so it's very soft.

I added a little salt, weighed it (almost 8 oz)...

... and rolled it in parchment paper and put it in the fridge. I'm going to bake some bread later today and try out the butter.

For more info about making cultured butter read How to Make Butter and Buttermilk article from Mother Earth News.

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