Thursday, July 31, 2008

Plums & Dog Photos

Another photo of the La Salle sunflower.

I have a young Improved French prune/plum tree. This year 4 plums grew. One fell off the tree a month ago and the birds got another. These are the remaining plums. I hope we can eat them this weekend. I might try to take the yeast off the skins and make a sourdough starter.

Yesterday, when I first gave the pups the orange ball, Carbon got it first. That didn't last long...

Button got the ball and jumped on top of the dog house, the only place Carbon can't get her. He barks a lot and tries to jump up, but he just can't do it. To see the chase scenes, go to my overflow dog blog.


Anonymous said...

On Web 3.0 dogs will have equal standing with humans, and not be relegated to overflow blogs.

Cats, however, will be squished and used as shims for arbitrary rotation angles of dog photos.

- Rex

Heidi said...
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