Saturday, August 02, 2008

Freakish tomatoes

The sunflowers leaves are being chewed on, but I'm sure the seeds are developing nicely anyway.

This is a flower from a leek. The variety is Prizetaker. If you look at the bigger image you can see a little bee on the purple flowers.

I harvested many tomatoes today. I thought I would start you off with the normal looking ones and then get to the freaks. This is Brandywine O.T.V. (Off the Vine) with a potato leaf. It is the only red variety I planted this year.

Brandywine from Croatia. They are pink with a regular leaf. It is a rare variety, only available from Santa Clara Master Gardeners. I hope to save seeds from it, so I can grow from my own seeds.

Anna Russian. By far, the most productive of my tomatoes so far this year.

Now some of the freaks. This is Ed's Millennium. I picked one normal looking tomato and a crazy looking monster tomato. I have more pictures below.

It doesn't look so scary on the plant.

On the food scale it weighs 1 pound, 8.5 ounces. That's a big tomato!!!


One of the Anna Russian's is looking a little bit like an alien too. I'm sure they will taste great.

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