Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Smallest cucumber ever

Well it isn't really a cucumber yet, it's just a female flower. This is a Mexican Sour Gherkin cucumber. I've been trying to grow them for 3 years now with no success. They are really small plants and usually get destroyed by snails and slugs. I was able to keep this one alive all season long, but it just started to flower. The flowers are so small I don't know if any bees can find them to pollinate them. I don't think there are any male flowers blooming at the same time as the females. Therefore, no cucumbers. Maybe next year I will have more success. To get a sense of how small it is I put an ant on the flower. Enlarge to see the details.

Rouge Vif d' Etampes a couple of days later. I put a nickel next to the pumpkin to help with scale.

Today's harvest of raspberries. I think this will be the last week for raspberries this season.

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