Friday, September 05, 2008

A Slice of New York

A Slice of New York is a small pizza place in San Jose that has true N.Y. Style pizza. It's the only place in California that I have found with pizza really worth eating.

They sell pizza by the slice (of course) or you can order a whole pie. Inside there are no tables just a couple of places you can stand and eat a slice. Outside there are also some chairs and little tables.

The even have Sicilian style. So far I have only had the plain slices.

Here is our pie. Mmmmm... I almost ordered a calzone too to bring home to eat at other time, but we order a whole pie, so we were going to have leftovers anyway. We ended up with only 1 pepperoni and 2 plain slices leftover. In order to have enough for tonight's dinner, I ran inside and grabbed another pepperoni slice for Sid.

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