Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scottie dogs

My friend Lisa has 2 Scottish terriers. This is Duncan in mid-bark or snarl. He wanted to play with the basketball or kill a squirrel. He would have been happy doing either.

Fiona has long beautiful eyebrows.

This is Duncan look less intimidating.

I thought only old men had eye brows that long.

Duncan had enough, he's outta here. For more photos of the Scottie, see the dog overflow blog.


Mary said...

Hello Heidi,
I'm a member of the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County.
We are looking for seeds for
one of the peppers we sold this year, Paprika Belecskai. I googled
the variety and your blog came up,
and I see you had success growing
this pepper this year. Did you
happen to save any seeds ?
Our source has disappeared !!
My email is mc.rescuesgreys@gmail.com, and I'm in San Jose.
Thanks !!
Mary C

Emily said...

nice dog pictures!
(nice pepper seeds too ;)

Katy's blog! said...

your dogs and stuff r so cute, heidi!