Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ps

First we have Peppers. Jimmy Nardello and Balecskai pepper are doing well this time of the year. If I had a greenhouse I could keep these pepper growing in a container all year long... maybe. I could try to put them in a pot, protect them from the cold weather and try to re-plant them in the spring. Maybe I'll try that. It would give them a huge headstart in the spring.

Next are the Peas. Still growing well and the snails haven't wreaked havoc yet.

Pumpkins. They aren't as dark orange as the ones at the super market yet. I'm going to keep them on the vine a bit longer, so I can save seeds from them. If they aren't totally ripe the seeds won't be as viable. I got a pumpkin at target that will have to serve as the Halloween pumpkin this year.

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