Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pea tendrils and other garden scenes

This is a tendril from one of the Tall Telephone pea plants.

Last year I didn't save the radish seeds from most of the plants, because I had several different varieties growing at the same time. When I pulled out the old plants I didn't worry about collecting the seeds. The yard near the garden bed has a lawn of radishes, California poppies and some broccoli.

The oregano is starting to get new leaves. I harvested a bunch this weekend and put it in the dehydrator. It's perfect for tomato sauces and such.

Lettuce plants have seeds that kind of look like dandelions seeds with the fuzzy end. I didn't get to collect too much seed, but many fell on the nearby soil. This is one of them growing on it's own.

This is one of the biggest broccoli plants, so far this year.

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