Sunday, March 22, 2009

Making cheese and then pirogies

I decided to start trying to make cheese. I'm starting with the simple fresh cheeses like cottage cheese. I started on Saturday and finished Sunday afternoon. It takes about 24 hours to make small curd cottage cheese. This is a photo of the curd being heated in a water bath.

Hanging the curd and draining the whey. I used the whey to make a batch of ricotta cheese. The leftover whey is going to be given to the dogs over the next couple of days.

Final cottage cheese. I didn't rinse it so it has a tangy taste to it. Perfect for making cheese pirogies.

Starting to make pirogies.

The first pirogi waits for the boiling water. The rolling pin was hand made by my friend John Fetterman. Thanks John!

Finally some pirogies to eat. Yum.

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Emily said...

Yum! Lucky dogs!