Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Territorial Lane Part 2

Looking south from the porch at the barn and fields. Click on the image to see the property line better.

The rest of the field panning right. The fence directly in the front is for the current owner's dogs. It will work nicely for our dogs too.

The large shop connected to the stables and arena.

There are 6 horse stables that could be converted for goats.

The covered large arena.

King Estate Vineyard is a 1000 plus acres of organic grapes and veggies, that is directly across the road from this property. To see some views that we will be enjoying, scroll to the bottom of this page, http://www.kingestate.com/tradepress/image_library/index.php.

Next to the shop is a room that is called a greenhouse. It's really just a room with some translucent panels facing west.

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