Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Little Dog that we found

She's a lost little girl. No collar or license. She was shivering from being cold so I quickly made her a little snuggie. She seems to love it.

She didn't get a long well with the other dogs at first, but now they are good friends.

OK, Button is not thrilled with her, but she is tolerating her.

Carbon likes her a lot because she is in season. Lots of sniffing butts going on here.


Karen :-) said...

Oh what a cute little face. Will you keep her?

Helen Park said...

make me a puppy!
lol found out that you're my follower blogger...

so, hullo!


Heidi said...

the owners came to claim her, but she ended up in the shelter the next day. Seems like her parents don't really want her. The officer at the shelter said she would get adopted with out a problem. Her name is Linda.